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Four Frontier Technology Focus Areas for Digital Economy in Singapore

According to the minister of communication in Singapore, the state has already identified the four crucial areas to focus on in technology in an attempt to skyrocket the digital economy in the state. This move has seen investors from all over the world become interested in setting up businesses in Singapore. Visa Express Singapore can now celebrate because they are likely to have a boom of foreign travelers as people come to grab these opportunities. The areas identified for digital platforms are as follows.

Immersive Media
Have you ever been to a retail store and got a chance to browse through their products with virtual reality equipment? Singapore is planning to put more focus on augmented reality and virtual reality as an improvement to the retail sector. These technologies are also applicable in other areas like real estate and healthcare. According to the government, they have set aside enough finances and strategies to see that this comes to fruition in the near future.

Already, the government is focusing on pilot testing the technology through the help of experts who have succeeded with it in other countries. The sites that have been picked for the tests with augmented reality include the Chinese Garden and the Central Sikh Temple.

Cyber Security
Cyber security is a concern all over the world, and some countries are already doing well in combating cyber threats. Singapore is a business hub, and most people would like to use the internet to promote their businesses. However, cyber threats instill enough fear that people would rather remain analog than face the wrath of hackers.

Some companies like ST Electronics have been contracted by the government to train IT experts in Singapore on how to deal with different scenarios related to cybersecurity. Teenagers will no longer have to face scorn as they browse social media, and business people will feel safe while making transactions online.

Internet of Things and Communication
The world of technology is evolving fast, and one cannot afford to be left behind. Setting up robust and reliable communication infrastructure, super-speed internet and compatible devices is what Singapore is looking for. In fact, the minister said that Singapore will be among the first countries in the region to embrace 5G connectivity.

Enough finances and skills are ready to start working on the broadband infrastructure so that it will be ready when the world switches. Homes and offices will be connected by all means and accorded the necessary support. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Even though AI is an expensive project in any part of the world, Singapore has already set aside S$150 million to handle the project. The government has said that they are sourcing help from the most reputable AI experts in the world. What they want is a programme that can help the government grow the economy. Government services will now be more efficient than ever before as they all move to digital platforms. Companies and organizations will also get an opportunity to advance their services.

With these programmes already rolling out, Singapore is about to become a digital hub with state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure. Business transactions as well as obtaining government services will be easier than ever before.

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