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Jealousy: How to Deal With It in Your Couple

Is jealousy always bad? Certainly not. Basically, this is encoded in our genes and helps us hold important relations together, achieve professional or personal heights, and protect our privacy. But here we are talking about its healthy version while there is also an unhealthy one that causes opposite effects. Let’s see how to overcome harmful jealousy in 8 steps.   
Is there any proper reason to be jealous? Indeed, the very first question to ask. Due to their low self-esteem and lack of confidence, some people just can’t trust their significant others. You need to look at the situation objectively. Maybe, you will need to talk to your partner (discussions are a vital component of Russian dating, for example) and he or she will help you figure it all out.
Admit that you have something to fix. What if you just a weirdo obsessed with the fear of getting betrayed? Such a possibility does exist and I recommend you making up your mind to self-analysis. Approach it with the clear head. Relax after the last conflict caused by jealousy, calm down and try to see the things as they really are.
Look from the other perspective. This is a great technique for those who can’t distinguish their fantasies from reality when it comes to building love. Ask your friend’s opinion or just become an onlooker. It is essential for detecting actual flaws in your couple. As a rule, jealous partners realize there are many other different problems to solve instead of blaming their beloved ones for nothing.
Anything may happen to your relationship, just accept it. Yes, nobody is completely saved from sudden troubles. You and your partner may fall out of love; your chemistry may die because one of you will change; or your connection may turn out to be overly bothersome (in particular, because you can’t build the trust). Literally anything can happen. But why live at all if we are afraid of every single thing?
Don’t make your partner jealous. Quite often, those who suffer from exceeding jealousy initiate the game: they struggle to make their significant others feel guilty, unappreciated, or jealous too. Don’t you think it’s stupid? Yes, it is. Treat your woman/man like you would like to be treated in return. Following this simple principle can take your love life to a newer level!
Switch to real facts. When she comes home later than promised, you get mad because she might have been with some other guy. When he doesn’t reply to your message within a minute, you start thinking of hot ladies he must be hanging out with right now. Of course, cheating is common nowadays but most people are still willing to create committed relationships. As a consequence, all your suspicions turn out to be false.
Avoid comparing your couple to others. This is a very bad habit in general. If you don’t feel secure about your own value, you need to focus on merits and talents that make you stand out. We are only humans and none of us can be great at everything. I bet your current partner is excited about your uniqueness, not about your pursuit of perfectness.
Set both of you free. I don’t mean you have to part. I just want you to understand that any human being needs to have various interests. Romantic partners who are concentrated on each other 24/7 usually end up losing their connection. You definitely have other important or cool things to do apart from spending time with your lover – so do them. Likewise, he or she is entitled to live his/her own life too. The more eventful your separate lives are, the more meaningful your communication becomes.

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