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The Top 5 Romantic Movies That Men Surprisingly Like.

When girlfriends offer their men to watch a romantic movie, they imagine a boring, sentimental and meaningless time-consuming rubbish. However, they agree to bear this torture so not to assault their women’s feelings.

Actually you can easily avoid watching a third-class mawkish film if you chose one of our top 5 pictures with strong romantic line. You will definitely like them, as well as your girlfriend or wife from Nataly Dating.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

This is the most hilarious love story of all times, as well as a perfect graphic novel’s adaptation. It tells a story about cute 22-years old Canadian loafer Scott, who plays a bass-guitar in a garage-rock band. Being in Platonic relationships with a school girl, one day he hopelessly falls in love with mysterious and attractive Ramona Flowers. However, taking her heart is not so easy…

Scott has to beat seven Ramona’s exes: action-movie star, Indian dancer, furious lesbian, narcissistic vegan, Asian DJ twins and vicious music producer. Incredible battle scenes were made by the laws of old-school video games, rock-n-roll and dark humor.

Titanic (1997)

One of the most expensive and profitable films in the world is definitely sentimental. Millions of women cried over it and it seems to be a nightmare for every man to watch the picture till the end. In fact, ‘Titanic’ is an epic disaster-film with a strong historical background.

The master of action James Cameron ruled the process it in 1997. The picture is incredibly complicated from a technical point of view. Titanic was created with using revolutionary methods and tons of special equipment. The whole filming crew was bigger than the number of passengers perished in the accident. Cameron’s Titanic is worth seeing mainly for its huge contribution to a world’s cinematography.
Eternal shine of spotless mind (2004)

Meet the magical and mind-twisting drama of the French director Michel Gondry, starring first-class Hollywood actors: Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet.

The picture describes complicated journey through the protagonist’s (Joel) mind. When his girlfriend Clementine broke up with him, she decided to wipe off her memory to forget about unfortunate romance. Joel agreed to take the same procedure, but at the last moment, he took a strong decision to take his love back. That’s how the crazy and surrealistic adventure through his subconscious begins…

(500) Days of Summer (2009)
The touching, funny and brilliantly staged picture with Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of the best romantic stories of the last years. It proves that boys actually cry, they can desperately seek love, and girls at their turn may not wish to be stuck in serious relationships.

‘(500) Days of Summer’ shows life as it is, with all ups and downs, happiness and misery. Nevertheless, it makes us put up with these difficulties, because love, whatever it may turn to, is a great feeling anyway.

Ghost (1990)

This picture is wrongly considered to be a sentimental drama. It has a strong romantic background indeed, however it is a story about a tragic death, revenge, and salvation. It is a perfect symbiosis of fantasy, comedy, action, and drama. ‘Ghost’ got five Academy Awards and won two of them, including the Best Original Screenplay). Not bad for a love story, isn’t it?

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