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Is There Any Hope For a Different Aged Couple ?

The pitfalls in relationship between a lot younger man and you.

If you look young and have a young soul, you can attract a man much younger you. It’s another thing, what do you want really. It’s often, it seems to a woman, that she wants adventures without serious prospects. And if it’s her real intention, there are no any problems in future. Both sides get what they want. The problems appear when a woman begin to want more from man, who is not ready to serious steps or don’t want to have a long-term connection.

The woman is much older. And it’s an impressive adventure for a young guy, who has lived a period of sexual searches and experiments. She seemed to him more self-confident and experienced. He feels that he may acquire her experience. He has another aim in the list of priorities and hasn’t looked for serious relations yet. Unfortunately, the life has taught us, that a connection, where a gentleman much younger than lady is not meant to last.

This connection can be a heavy burden for a woman. She often feels self-doubt and anxiety about the reason of man’s choice. This anxiety begins slowly poison relationship. Man wants to be a leader in relations, as for a woman, she considers herself more experienced and also wants to be in control. In this situation, the struggle for leadership is imminent.

If a woman is too observed with her appearance, the age will increase her self-doubt. At first, the woman is flattered, her self-esteem increase, when a young man finds her attractive. But, after a while, the situation has changed. She gets jealous the mate to a woman his age and the self-esteem plummets. Moreover, it’s likely that she will be pressured by the negative attention of ambient people’s meaning.

The problem can be with close relatives and friends because it’s not easy to accept such kind of relations. An age difference can be an obstacle in communication with friends because both age groups can have different interests. Even if your relations develop on a good note, the age difference will slowly show up. The distinctions reflect in expectations, interests and understanding. People with age differences have various tastes and view their lives differently.

Why women choose much younger men ?

Observations suggest that affairs with younger men usually have women who don’t live their life. They just do that they not want to do, but expected by the society or close aides. The true needs are repressed and they don’t realize themselves completely as a personality. As a result, the inner tension continues its growing and woman feel the necessity to do something extraordinary, ongoing against social requirements. And if at this moment she meets a man, who is much younger, full of energy, sexual potential, with a thirst for adventures and experiments, it happens a magnetic attraction. They both get what they want for some time. It’s a try to realize the unconscious needs.

What to do next?

A younger man can give intensive emotions, adventures, romantic; he can’t make your life full in the long term. Yes, you will be given a feeling of a full life for a while, but it will pass soon. Try to look at everything that is happening from the outside and to understand what you need. Perhaps, it’s a signal for life chances. Maybe, your affair should be used as a push to changing. The first step to life changes is to understand the needs and to find the way of realization. Try to find positive sides everywhere and to make a little distance from your affair. Look at the situation from different points of view and to find some pluses. Give it a positive interpretation.

Our life is individual, and perhaps, you know happy couples, where a man much younger than his woman. Try not to use any cliché in your life.

Thanks to our friends from Maria Dating for providing this article.

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