A Totally Drunk CMB Prezzo Embarrasses Himself LIVE On KTN,Touches Betty Kyalo Inappropriately And Almost Breaks The Internet. Wow! (Photos + Video) - BongoSwaggz.Com


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A Totally Drunk CMB Prezzo Embarrasses Himself LIVE On KTN,Touches Betty Kyalo Inappropriately And Almost Breaks The Internet. Wow! (Photos + Video)

When it comes to one of the most fabled rap cats in the Kenyan music industry,nothing really is off limits. Prezzo's whole career has been one huge freak show ever since her stormed into the scene circa 2003 with a rap flow to die for,the wealth of a Mexican Drug Lord,the swag of a Chicago mafioso Boss and the image of a true superstar.
Everything Prezzo did was BIG; From his groundbreaking videos that cost an arm and a leg to produce,to his pompous braggadocio,his legendary entrance into Carnival Grounds in a chartered chopper,his endless rap feuds with half of the entertainment industry,his much-fabled sexual prowess,his knack for attracting,dating and bedding gorgeous showbiz lasses and his endless social controversies.

This is a man who dated radio legend Sheila Mwanyigha when she was at her peak,orchestrated a fake relationship with singer Kaz for the sake of the tabloids,shot in the air numerously when irked by his fellow drunkards in clubs,spent money like an African Donald Trump,caused a Pan-African thunder at the Big Brother House... Almost clinching the victory and did hit songs that today would be classified as classics.

There has,evidently,never been a dull day in Prezzo's very enthralling public life.

And to prove to the World just who is the KING OF DRAMA,Prezzo showed up at the KTN studios yesterday for a routine interview with News Anchor Betty Kyalo and the whole thing went downhill in a matter of seconds.

For starters,Prezzo was drunk as a skunk. He looked good,yes,but seemed to have left his manners at the reception.

One,he wouldn't stop holding Betty Kyalo after every mili-second. Before she even made a proper intro of him,he staggered up to her and gave her what can now be classified as the most awkward hug ever witnessed on TV-and there were several such hugs.

And when Betty was addressing the viewers,announcing a short break,again,Prezzo stood up,stumbled towards her and yet again, threw his hands around her addressing the viewers alongside her.

Prezzo's many touchy moments with Mrs. Dennis Okari

At that point,Betty's uneasiness started to be manifest... She seemed to be at a loss on how to keep him at bay,keep him from touching her every so often and simply keep him calm and contained on his chair.

After the break,the same awkwardness continued; He would first announce that he doesn't 'freestyle for free' before dodging a question about the cost of his glimmering gold Louis Vuitton sneakers and then,yet again,extending his hand,touching Betty again and showering her with compliments.

At this point,Betty was already starting to freak out-she even had to invoke the powerful name of her journalist husband just to remind this drunk thug that she was actually taken. As in,married.

Unperturbed,Prezzo would look straight into the camera and remind Betty's hubby that he was a lucky man. Oh man!

All of this is after he'd crushed her in a tight 'Happy New Year's' hug before the show had properly started.

The interview got worse after the break... He'd rumble on about his late father who he outrageously claimed would be the Current President of Kenya,crown himself the President of the youth,talk about his family's storied drug wealth and also make a clearly drug-fuelled claim that he once dated Beyonce,yesthe Beyonce,who would later leave him for the man with the bigger lips - Jay Z.

Asked if he's seeing someone, Prezzo said 'Yes,I'm seeing Betty',before going off about' dating himself'.

At this point,the drugs he must have generously smoked and injected into himself had started to really kick in,he pretended to,yet again,NOT know singer Jaguar and went on and on derisively about Jaguar's friendship with 'his friend' President Uhuru Kenyatta.
It gets more exciting after they've both gotten up and are walking towards the other side of the studio to do what actually brought the both of them together -READ NEWS. Trouble is,Prezzo caused more havoc. He 'made a confession' and claimed that he's short-sighted and thus,couldn't read from the teleprompter that was couple meters away.

No amount of convincing from Betty would make him read. OK,he did finally remove his sunglasses and asked a quick,funny one, 'Do you think (musician) Jaguar can read this?'. Betty laughed it off awkwardly.

And after being asked to read from the table tablet,now that he was short-sighted,again,he feigned a difficulty and still,didn't read the news much to Betty's agony. Oh,and then he touched her once again! Pestering her to read the news herself and not be a 'party-pooper'. Whoa!

All of this was before he'd had a little argument with Betty over who gets to sit on the red elevated chair. She insisted he had to sit on it,he maintained she had to sit on it herself citing the 'Ladies First' gentleman's rule and after no-one was finally sitting on it,Betty shoved it aside and then he grabbed it and sat anyway.

Phew! What a terrible terrible day on air.

Catch all the drama captured in this 16 minute and four second clip. Like I said,there's never a dull day in Prezzo's life. And really,he put a stamp on that statement last night.

Viva Prezzo!

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