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Make Your Lipstick In Your Lips Stay Longer

Bet Sasa
Makeover your lips is a simple way to give color and in some cases highlight your face, yet one of the most common concerns is how do to make lipstick last longer ? I will share some tricks that will help extend the color of your lipstick and make it a long-lasting makeup so you can look for much longer.


  • Initially I recommend you exfoliate your lips, so this will eliminate dead cells and give it back the shine and softness to your lips. You can use lip balm or you can make a mask with honey and sugar.
  • Use your lip liner pencil as a base, you must first outline and then you must completely fill your lips, be sure that the tone of the liner matches the shade of your lipstick or is just a shade lighter.
  • Now you must apply the first layer of your lip (long-term) and dry with a paper supporting him on the lips, then add the second coat of paint, this way give more coverage and freshness to your lipstick. The first layer seals the lip color and the second gives shine.
  • And finally with a brush, apply a thin layer of face powder on your lips, and you will achieve set your lipstick and wear it for more. If you want to give volume to your lips apply some gloss emphasizing the center of these.
  • With these four steps you will look impeccable and beautiful lips, just as I recommend using matte lipsticks that last longer than creamy lipsticks and get better and lasting results upon your lips makeup.

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