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Huddah Monroe Reveals Her Diamond Ring Cost Ksh. 187M (Photo)

Maybe I spoke too soon after posting Vera Sidika’s new ride. For a minute I even thought she was now representing Nairobi until Huddah decided to reveal ridiculous amount she spent on her Diamond ring (am now worried on who owns Kenya).

She has left her fans perplexed after saying she used Kshs. 187M on one ring and feels that she needs another one. Ksh. 187M is not a small amount of money to play around with. It has a couple of houses, cars and pieces of land somewhere in Nairobi, but I guess some people have handled bigger figures to worry about 1.7 million Euros.
Maybe Huddah is pulling our legs to get the attention or maybe she is telling the truth but I cannot confirm that. I still don’t understand how one can spend Millions on a ring while ladies in Nairobi are busy bargaining to get midrings! Well if your are among those who are doubting her, below is a photo of the alleged Kshs. 187M
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