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“Excuse Me? Huwezi ni Dandia kama mat!” Kush Tracey tells Kristoff

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Meet the beautiful and sexy Teresia Ndoti alias Kush Tracey. She is an emerging rap babe in town and she is raising to fame fast. She began rapping in 2013 and just like any other career, it has not been an easy journey for her.


She recently dropped a jam that is warning men who prey on female artists, remix of Rabbit and Frasha’s original Dandia. The hit song has taken her career to another level as she has had more publicity than before and has performed it twice with Kristoff. And what’s more? she is dropping hits after hits as she said she will be releasing 6 songs soon.


Well the message of the song ‘Huwezi ni Dandia’ is not easy on men who like “Kudandia” ladies. In an interview with pulse, she was asked about the lyrics of the song and here is what she had to say;

That is the reason most men can’t approach me, because they say I am no-nonsense. I am actually very shy, reserved and I don’t talk much when not in a music environment. My aggressive personality only comes out when I’m performing or recording.


And she uses the personality to her advantage

That personality has helped me progress because even the guys who supposedly prey on female artistes fear me. My aggressiveness clearly puts them off.

Kush Tracey is one of the few upcoming female rappers in Kenya and Team Mafisi, she is single and she likes it. Miss independent. Check out her new jam below. or CLICK HERE

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