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Aliyekuwa Mchumba wa Idris Samantha Ampa za Uso Idriss na Kudai Anatukanwa na Watu Kwenye Page yake Bila Sababu

Samantha Aliyekuwa mpenzi wa Idriss Kabla ya Kumwagana baada ya muda mfupi wa penzi lao amefunguka kuhusu kero na matusi anazozipata kwasababu ya Idriss kutoka kwa mashabiki

@idrissultan I think you and I have had this discussion a few times and you know as well as I do that I don't want you and that we better off as friends. With that being said I would like to congratulate @wemasepetu and wish you all the best , but also kindly respect me as I have , because there's no where I have ever mentioned your name or called you any other name like you called me.Now please can people respect my page and stop with unnecessary drama , I have companies am working with and when they go on my social media pages , all they see is insults and negativity, why ? We all have lives past relationships , can we focus on positivity with all this strength people are using on negativity , I think we all have better things to do on social media
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