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Ikiwa Leo Ni Birthday Ya Diamond Platnumz Zari Amempa Ujumbe Huu Hapa

"Everything i could say has been said and you've prolly heard it over and over but; this year you celebrate your birthday as a father a blessing and a gift that's bigger than life its self. Your birthday gift came earlier this year there isnt anything esle i can give you. So allow me to wish you a happy birthday as BABA TEE. May the almighty God continue showering you with blessings over your career and MOST IMPORTANTLY to grant you many more years to see @princess_tiffah start her grade one, see her to university, date boys (i know you don't wana hear this but its going to happen ��),hand her out in marriage and lastly to be able to see your grand kids (Tiffah's babies) that said, let's wish him a Happy birthday" Download App Yetu  >> BOFYA HAPA << Tukutumie Habari na Burudani Zote FASTA Kila Time BURE Kabisa !

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