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What If You Were UHURU And This “Secret Lover” From Tanzania Tells You This ?

Aging Tanzanian singer, Rehema Chalamila, who is popularly known as, Ray C, has confessed that she has had a crush on President Uhuru Kenyatta for so long.

While laying her sentiments on social media, the mellow voiced singer claimed  that she has been holding her secret back for long but it’s high time she let the world know about it.

“Lemme tell you a lil secret about Uhuru!!! I love this guy to death! I have had a crush on him for soooo long!!! ” She said.

Ray C further confessed that everything about our President is awesome and no woman can resist him.

“I love everything about him. His accent, his attitude. Total package” the singer added.

Ray C’s confession comes just a few weeks after she listed crazy demands any man who wants to marry her must meet. Among those demands includes, sharing the shame phone and ability to cook for her when she is tired.

The aging singer is yet to find a husband despite her popularity. Download App Yetu  >> BOFYA HAPA << Tukutumie Habari na Burudani Zote FASTA Kila Time BURE Kabisa !

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