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This Is The Real Reason Why I Cannot Cook Ugali, Lupita Speaks Out

On a television interview with NTV’s Larry Madowo, Award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o revealed that she could not cook Ugali for the life of her. Interestingly, this is her homeland’s staple food and one of the deal breakers when dating a Luo man. The actress confessed that she just can’t get the right combination of maize flour and hot water. Despite her inability to cook this dish Lupita misses Ugali a lot when she is out winning and dinning in Hollywood with her fellow celebrities.
Here is an excerpt from her interview with Larry
For those who may be unaware, Lupita is on a current tour of the country. Her tour will feature art mentorship activities and awareness campaigns on wildlife conservancy. She is also set to feature in a number conservation adverts for television and billboards. On Thursday night she will play host to a dinner gala which will cost 10,000 per head.
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