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This Is How A Young Beautiful Girl Shocked The World By Posting Pictures Of Herself On Facebook Before Jumping To Her Death

The sudden demise of Nokuthula Hlongwane has left many people in shock of how the current young generation is fast and quick to make some serious decisions. Hlongwane left the world in shock after posting her pictures on her Facebook account and later committing suicide. The cute girl is reported to have jumped from the 13th floor of a Durban Downtown building.
In her Facebook page, she wrote informing all her fans and the rest of the world that it was her last day on earth and she wanted people to understand her decision. However, as it is the norm, many ignored her, perhaps because of the perception that facebookers are never serious with their comments. According to her sister, Nqobile, she was at constant pains caused by an infection in her womb and she wrote a suicide note stating that she decided to relieve them from stress of taking care of her.
Hlongwane had recurrent womb pains since 2012, and they sometimes caused her not to go at work or conduct any house chores. Cases of young people committing suicide have increased in the recent times and many use the social media platform to inform their fans and family members.
Here are some of the images she posted:
nokothulaSuicide-sign (1)
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