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Jose Chameleone blasts East Africans for failing to Support their own Artists

Few days after Nigerian-based Kenyan singer Victoria Kimani slammed Kenyans for not supporting their own local talents, another Ugandan high profile musician Jose Chameleone also blasted East Africans for failing to support their East African artists.
Jose na Sauti Sol
Chameleone who was nominated for the MAMA Evolution Award which unfortunately didn’t win, made the statement via his Facebook page.
This is what he had to say:
“From EVOLUTION to REVOLUTION!!! The only way forward is working, Believing and supporting each other. My comrade Bebe Cool is a great witness to how every time a West African won an accolade they all stood up in applaud unlike East Africa people. It’s a new world of Unity and Self belief!!!! Like it says “Charity begins at home” it’s time we move as a unit not a digit.Congrats to you VOTERS who did all you could to represent your people. It’s now upon us artistes to Unify the people with love and support for each other. Lets meet at Serena 7th August to LOVE a brother BROTHER I know as Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool.
Its time for the WISE To comment and FOOLISH ones to showcase. FOOLISH minds will tell!!!!
I will forever stand for the pride of my people. NOT my Ego……
Blessed week
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