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10 Photos That Prove That Huddah Monroe Hit The Jackpot With Her New Man

Following a lot of smack-talk about her dating an old -sponsor, Kenya’s numero uno socialite Huddah Monroe decided to hush the critics by tagging her new boyfriend, before promptly pulling down the post.
Before she pulled it down, we learned that her new man is named Apocalypse Bella who calls himself a ‘Self made, self paid’ millionaire.
From observation, Huddah’s ‘sponsor’ looks like someone in his late thirties or early forties not super-old unlike what many expected.



He likes to work out and just like Huddah he likes to live large and has a penchant for Instagram.He is also not shy about what he owns and where he travels to as he shared a photo of his car a Mercedes, photos at Emirates first class lounge and chilling at the famous luxury, five-star hotel Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
 If Instagram is anything to go by, Huddah hit the jackpot
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